Sorghum, corn and sunflower


8 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Hey all, I regularly plant sorghum, dent corns and sunflowers for my own use. Brooms, meal and snacks :O) This is the first year I have chickens in the mix too though. Can I use these for my chickens and how would they be prepared? Ground? Whole? As treats? Normally, I don't have a use for the sorghum seeds. I just save some for planting next year and use the tops for the brooms but I always get so much that I'd hate to waste it if the chickens could eat it. Also, we just recently moved to this farm and I've noticed a lot of heavily seeded "grass" around, likely rogue grains from hays and straw bales or old fields. I haven't identified them but would these seed heads be edible to them as well somehow, when matured?

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