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    My uncle passed away on thanksgiving alone in his apartment. waiting for the results of his autopsy. He was mentally handicapped. He worked for the same grocery store for 30 years and never missed a day of work. until Friday after thanksgiving he didn't show up for work. so they started calling around to find out if he was ok... He lived in apartments for handicapped people. one of his neighbors went to check on him. he didn't lock his door that night. he was found sitting on his couch.

    Christmas was ok. I hope everyone had a great one. I got new Muscovy ducklings from my cousin... her duck had a nest under her house and by the time she found them they were due to hatch. she didn't want them so se gave them to me...

    grandbabies are doing great... Ayden goes around singing " what does the fox say" he knows almost all of the words. Lilly and cayla are doing great also. Cayla is now 11 lbs... so the weight scare is over...

    My nephew Derrick is still in remission from his cancer... we take it month by month.

    My daughter Holly got her drivers license...
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    May he rest in peace. Take care, I hope 2014 brings you better times.

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