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  2. As beekeepers, we've known this for years. The buying public is weary even of beekeepers when we try to educate them. Some people won't trust anyone now, if the honey is not in the comb it's probably cut according to them.

    There was a study about three years ago where a lab tested all the honey they found in major grocery stores across the US. They found that nearly 95% of the honey being sold could not be proven in the lab to be honey because of the micro-filtering that the honey is put through. It lacked pollens, bits of wax, and other trace elements that is found in raw natural honey making it not much more than some bland sweetner.

    The reason for the micro-filtering is because the general public in the US believes that honey needs to be liquid and if it granulates it must not be any good. The truth is that raw honey will granulate, it might take a couple of months or longer but it always granulates sooner or later.

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    ... not only honey ...eggs also ! ... grapes ..etc ...

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    This is why i only use honey fresh honey, once it is filtered and heat treated (pasteurized) it is not much better than regular ol sugar in the bag,
    I love the granulated honey it is great to cook with and just eat off a spoon [​IMG]


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