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    For the LAST time, I swear.... I don't mean to be dense about this, but so far it has been clear as mud to me. I know what an Auracana is NO RUMP. But I don't understand the difference between Americauna and EE. This is Chloe. What is she????



    She is about 9 weeks.
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    Ameraucana: see above post for standards of the breed.

    Easter Eggers: mutt Ameraucanas, often mislabled and sold as Auracanas. They typically have the beards and muffs, but lay eggs ranging in color from blue to olive green. They usually don't have a distinct color pattern, and can have the occasion single comb instead of the normal pea comb. Leg, beak, and eye color will vary within the flock.

    Mine were sold to me as Auracanas, but I soon found out that the Tractor Supply I bought them from was clueless. I've also had a couple of other mutt roosters breed into the flock, and it didn't seem to drastically affect the appearance of my birds other than some didn't have the beards and muffs, or a new color showed up.
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    Oct 18, 2007
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    First, an AmerIcana IS an Easter Egger. An AmerAUcana is the correct spelling for the breed. And sometimes an Araucana does have a tail, forgot the word they're called-Jody will tell us. Generally, they are rumpless with tufts sticking out from the ear area.
    I believe your girl is an Easter Egger. If you got her from any of the hatcheries, that pretty much clinches it. Her coloring isn't a standard Ameraucana color, but more indicative of the Easter Eggers the hatcheries sell, I think. Jody is our resident expert on all three of them, as she does breed Ameraucanas, Araucanas and Easter Eggers.

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