SOS need help now doxys having puppies. UPDATE pics post 28


12 Years
May 29, 2010
Eastern Wa.
Our mini doxy is having puppies as i type one pup is out but the cords have her stuck close to mom> what to do?
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mom will bite it away--give her time-if not youll need to find something to clip off the cords about an inch away from the puppy's imbilicus-First time mom???
Just be patient-its stressed out right now because of being born--just leave it where it is and mom should od all the work-she will nudge it to nurse and everything-puppies just have the instincts to look for food on momma-sometimes they need to be placed on moms nipples but I wouldnt this sonn mom is probably getting ready to have another pup and she wont settle down to be momma until she is done--make sure where ever DW cut it is not bleeding-you should tie a not in the cord with something sterile-a clip or something- DOnt cut anymore cords! Mom will do it-
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anotherone was just born also doing fine. DW has been doing nothing but researching online for the past month but as soon as she went into labor she forgot all that. they have been moved to the welping box and are doing good puppies seem very strong and are moving around alot. should we set up a broooder light?
let mom do her work and dont move her once shes been placed where you placing her-
she got #2 off by herself thank you all for the support these are the first pupies we have ever had in 20 years so. I am suppossed to be starting our new coop today and this is slowing me down quite a bit . oh well it is only 35 degrees here now anyways so IM not complaining!1 YET # 3 just arrived, so far 1 girl 1 boy #3 ? ..

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