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Jan 24, 2010
Hi there,
It is Friday evening, otherwise I'd be at the vet with my bird.
I have a tiny 3 year old American Game bantam hen- Rosie.
She has been bloated and slow for two days. Since she has been eating (though not as much) and somewhat ocassionally fiesty, I did not see our vet.
But tonight I noticed that she passed a small amount of bright lime green mucus, speckled with bright yellow. I have not seen her pass anything in these two days, but I've been working and not around to observe much.
She feels heavier than normal and looks much rounder (bottom end) . She hasn't been laying, which I expected her to resume along with the recent warm weather (MT). It might be a stuck egg. She has been eating grass, but she has done that before with no problems. I 'm a new chicken owner and don't know a thing.
Please let me know anything you can asap.
Thank you kindly,


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Apr 19, 2012
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How does her abdomen feel compared to the others? Im new here too, but in several threads there is the suggestion that you can oil your finger and slide the tip into her vent. That if she is bound, you will feel the egg.

in general,

Put some vasoline or mineral oil on your finger and slide your finger into the vent. Gently feel around inside her vent to see if you can feel an egg or broken egg shells.
If you feel an egg, apply more oil and lube her up good. If you feel any broken pieces of shell, see if you can remove them with out cutting her.

Let us know what you find


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