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    Hi everyone!
    I recently purchased a couple of Rhode Island Reds from my local poultry market. I knew before I bought them that one had some sort of problem, as she had a disgusting bum, but that was all I saw that was wrong with her at the time. The next day, I went outside to have a proper look at her in the quarantining pen, and I noticed she had a very large crop, and looked too calm compared to her sister. I wormed the newly purchased birds and powdered them for lice and mites. At the moment the sick girl is in the bathroom out of the wind outside. I though she might have one or both of Sour crop and/ or Vent gleet. She is currently on probiotics and apple cider vinegar, has daily baths in Epsom salt, and is off feed. As a last resort I had to empty her crop (it was actually big as an apple) by flipping her, because she seemed like she couldn't throw up, and I managed to get a lot of fluid out of her. My problem is that I can still feel grain in her crop and shes lost a fare bit of weight. Is there anyone who can give me good advice on treating her? Thanks a lot everyone! love discussing these topics with people loving poultry!
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    I would give her water with electrolytes and vitamins (no vinegar) for the next 24 hours, then feel of her crop to check if it is mostly empty. Massage her crop several times a day. Sometimes they can have a condition called pendalous crop from overeating. An impacted crop feels full and hard, while a sour crop feels puffy and balloon-like. When you emptied her crop, did it smell bad like it was rotted or like poop? The posts by Two Crows are good in the link above, and here are a few more about treating crop problems:
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