Sour Crop?

Linda Kolosik

May 20, 2017
Stover MO
I decided to post my own thread...not sure how to post a problem - i was trying to attach to someones post that had already solved her problem. Happy for her.
I have 3 of 11 chickens of my flock born 2/1/17 Road Island Reds - all three have the soft crop (feels like a water balloon) I found one dead this morning. I went on line and found your group and joined.
I will isolate the other two and put vinegar water in the cage and offer food (yogurt). When i fed this morning and found the one dead chick, the other two large crop chicks were the first to attack the the food i spread out for them
A friend of mine told me when I got my ducklings that it's a good idea to take the food out of their brooding area at night and leave just a tray with just a little grit and their waterer and just put the food back in the morning to avoid problems with their crops. I'm not sure what can be done once they've already soured other than I read somewhere about someone making them vomit? Good luck hope they get better soon!!!
ok, i read the article and will mix up the baking soda recipe for my gal.
when we went to the chicken house to isolate the other two I could only find one with a large crop.
also in this article it sounded like the food was not suppose to be available during the night hours. so should I be taking the food away till morning?
I guess I need "grit" also, I would have thought it was in their food but I looked and it is medicated food for worms and parasites / has protein but I did not see any grit.
That's what I do, and yeah you definitely want to get some grit to mix in with their feed. Also I'm not sure of the reasoning, but I was told to avoid medicated feed, and if I remember correctly even the hatchery I got mine from advised against it. I think it was something about lessening the effectiveness of their medicines later down the road when there is a problem that prompts it's use, but don't hold me to that I'm not sure. I'm feeding my ducks and was feeding my chickens unmedicated starter crumble (chick starter) and I mix some cracked corn and grit in with it, and I give them some dry oatmeal, meal worms, live earth worms, finely chopped kale, scrambled eggs, and crushed up snails from out of my garden as snacks (I only JUST started giving them the crushed snails). I don't know if it's really necessary with the snacks but I just feel like what they'd be eating if they were in the wild might be helpful in ensuring they are as healthy as possible :)
thank you for all your help, i will follow your lead and spend more time getting to know my girls better and add some grit and cracked corn and oatmeal.and add some snacks. again thank you for all your suggestions
I went to the feed store and they had never heard of "grit" so I guess I learned that cracked corn is "grit". lol the hen I isolated is looking better than she did this morning. ♥
hmm I don't know, that's strange lol. I know if they are outside and have access to little pebbles on the ground they don't have to have grit, I know most people keep theirs indoors for awhile in the beginning though and that's when ya really need the stuff. If you have any problems again you could probably order some online. Yay thank goodness! They probably just need to not have the food at night :p

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