SOUTH CAROLINA, Lancaster - I have black cochins (my "little boys") Frick and Frack

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    Apr 13, 2015
    Lancaster, SC
    I have 2 little black cochins... beautiful round bundles. I have loved them, rocked them as they grew up, enjoyed them, and hand fed them treats, and they just recently grew apart as all young cockerels do. They are approx. 5 months old and I recently caught them fighting quietly and thought it was wrestling playing but when I got close they were both bleeding on their combs. That was 2 weeks ago and every time I put them together they start at it again. I have a small mixed flock and they don't get the outside time they need because they like to chase down the other chickens. I'm not sure if this is common with the breed or not. I call them my round up rangers, because that's what they do... they aren't pulling feathers, they just corner them and they are proud of it, but it creates discord. I hold them and love on them every day and I have really struggled letting them go, but for their best interest I need to. I hope to find a good person who will love on them and give them the room to roam, and will leave a light on for them to find their water at night and tell them they love them like I do. This site, more than most, is filled with that kind of a person, and that is why I am posting here. Thanks very much

    [​IMG]THIS IS FRICK (he has white tip on the end of his wings)

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    Nov 23, 2015
    Hello. My name is Cassidy Fishman and I was wondering if you had any chickens still available and if so, what breeds/ages did you have have.

    Just to tell you a bit about myself, my family and I run a small animal rescue and therapy program for special needs and at-risk children, who have been mistreated, abused and neglected.
    I, personally, fell in love with the Cochin, Silkie and other sorts of exotic breeds the very first time I ever saw them, and over the years I've been lucky enough to collect quite a little hodgepodge of exotic and interesting chickens. Lately, I've really been wanting to expand my little collection and add some more color and variety.
    Luckily enough for me though, our 'fuzzy', little chickens are some of the kid's from our programs' very favorite animals on the farm, which gives me the PERFECT excuse to add to our adorable mini, chicken posse!
    All that being said, I'm really not picky, as far as age or color. We're not interested in showing, so confirmation and bloodlines aren't all that important. And with us having run our animal rescue for most of my life, we're perfectly fine taking in full-grown adults, as well as baby chicks. In fact, we don't even mind taking in any 'special needs' individuals that you may have...
    Really we're mainly just looking for a nice variety of breeds and colors, trying to at least keep a pair of each type together...
    We especially love Cochin's, Millie's, Silkies, Polish, Frizzles and Brahma, but really we'll pretty much take in anything that's sweet, silly looking and in need of a good home!
    All that we ask is that they have a friendly temperament towards one another (no Bullies!), although interesting good looks are always an added bonus! :)

    Getting back to my original point though, we recently moved to this area and we've been looking for a nice, local farm, who might be able to help us get better situated in the community.
    I've been looking around for a while now, so needless to say, when I came across your farm on Facebook, I was absolutely elated! I just LOVED the pictures of your beautiful birds and I was quite impressed by all the good reviews that I've heard about your farm.
    It's always so hard moving to an entirely new area and having to start all over again. And with so many scams and such now-a-days, it can be quite difficult to know who is truly reputable or not...
    After looking through everything though, I just KNEW that I at least had to try and reach out to you all and just see if you still had anything available...
    If you don't have anything that you think would work wellnfor me though, I completely understand. I know that it's quite late in the year to be searching for new additions to the family.

    Anyways though, I truly am sorry for bothering you with such a long message out of the blue like this, we're just a bit lost out here and we would REALLY appreciate it if someone who could just point us in the right direction, as far as where and who to go to for healthy, happy chickens...

    No matter where we go or what we do end up with though, I can absolutely ASSURE you that any animals we purchase will be VERY loved and well taken care of...

    And on that note, I will finally leave you alone. Thank you for your time and hell and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Cassidy Fishman
    Phoenix Farms Animal
    Rescue, Rehab & Training Facility
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    Apr 13, 2015
    Lancaster, SC
    Thank you Cassidy, I found a home for Frick, the wonderful lady that first gave me the eggs to hatch and I kept Frack and love him dearly. His little gal is a buff silkie named Honey and they toodle around everywhere together.

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