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  1. Hello, anyone else in South Dakota or neighbering states? I have 22 hens 9 leghorns, 4 Plymouth Rocks, and 9 Rhode Island Reds, and getting a few more chickens today or tomorrow, and babies on Wednesday. Have a Blessed day everyone.
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  2. roadrunner

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    Sep 2, 2007
    South Dakota
    I was thinking i was the only SD person on this site

    This is my first year in raising chickens, and i'm loving it!
    I have a buff orph, 3 barred rocks, 3 light brahmns, a silkie, an araucana, and 3 hens that i'm not real sure of what they are, and 15 little pullets.
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  3. Standard Hen

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    May 17, 2007
    I do not live there but certainly loved the state when I drove through it many years ago!
  4. Roadrunner I had been thinking I was the only S.Dakotan here. Glad to see another one aboard. This was my first year raising chicks. It has been eventful and entertaining. What part of the state do you live in?

    Standard Hen, yes South Dakota is a beautiful state. Thanks for the compliment of our state.
  5. BrahmaMama

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    Jan 8, 2008
    South Dakota
    Sure seems like there are a few South Dakotans here huh? I'm southeastern SD, just south of Sioux Falls. I have to say my favorite part of the state is Rapid City/Black Hills though; nothing much around here except corn and soybean field [​IMG]

    Ok, I have to take that back, there is a pretty part of SD over here...Yankton and the Lewis and Clark Lake [​IMG] That's about an hour south of us though.
  6. Hello Brahma,
    At least you are close to corn feilds down your way! We have some corn up here, but I know not the amount of it you guys have down there.
    I grew up just south of the badland national park, and now live close to the North Dakota border. It's definately a lot colder up here than it was down south!
    Are you guys getting much snow down there? We haven't had much here.
  7. BrahmaMama

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    Jan 8, 2008
    South Dakota
    Oh wow, you are way up there huh [​IMG] I haven't been to that corner of the state yet. I'd like to get up that way, and maybe even north central, just to see it someday.

    We do have some snow on the ground, I think we got about 5 inches around Christmas-with the majority Christmas day, which was pretty cool. Haven't gotten much more since seems to go around us-either north or south (of us) get hit usually, along I-29 and Brookings area etc.
  8. Yep Brama way up, and not too far from Mobridge in the center of the state. I am going to put an add up and just wondering if any other South Dakotans can help me out.
  9. zchickens

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Another SE South Dakotan here (live near Canton). Just starting out with chickens as I am expecting 30 chicks from Mc Murry's on Feb 25 (Delawares, Opringtons, Cochins, Silver Penciled Rocks, Houdans, New Hamp's, Campine - I know, quite a mix [​IMG];but I to figure out which breeds I like the best so I got groups of 2-3 of each type). I have an empty barn with plenty of space [​IMG], so I thought I might as well put something in it other than pymgy goats (which I only keep during the summer months). I bought a top hatch incubator last week and plan to incubate a few eggs as well. Wish me luck!

    Michael Z.
  10. Welcome Michael,
    Sounds like quite the combination you got going there. Good luck, I also ordered from McMurray's this year, but not sure when they will be here. I sent my order in and haven't heard anything from them yet. I am trying to hatch some, they are only on day 3.

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