South Dakota poultry laws - selling meat?


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Jul 21, 2021
Does anyone happen to know the law(s) in south dakota when it comes to butchering and selling poultry meat? From what i found you need a license to sell the meat in grocery stores, farmers market, etc.., but if i were to just sell it out of my home/take it to the customers house and sell it there like i do with eggs would I be fine? I just dont want to get into any trouble haha.
I suggest calling your county extension office. This is the type of thing they should be able to help you with. You are almost certainly going to be too small of an operation to have to worry about federal regulations, especially of you don't cross state lines. Each state has its own laws about this, I have no idea what they are in South Dakota. Counties sometimes have laws about this. If you are within a town or city limits they may have additional laws. You just never know. A lot of the time whether these rules apply to you will depend on how big your business is.

Your extension office may not know what the rules ae but they should be able to point you to someone who does. Good luck!

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