South Ga/ Alabama/ Florida people... possible swap?


11 Years
Dec 26, 2008
Box Springs
Would anyone like to gather in the Columbus area ( exact zip 31801) ... we were thinking of hosting but only if we had enough interest. I know that NORTH ga does alot and so does florida, but maybe some people near us would be interested?

It would have to be well planned out but we're game!
I would love to attend one..

Never been to a swap... Been to shows and seen sale area. Is a swap just like the sale area at a show??? Been looking for some good Black silkies to ad to my line. I might be up for it. I usually show in Newnan Ga. So it would not be that bad of a drive if there will be some silkie people there. Love chatting with chicken people......

Thanks, Aimee
Where are shows in Newnan?? We live just outside of Newnan, but since we are new to the chicken world we don't know where any events are. Also about the silkies one of the breeders we got some of our barred rocks and black polish from had silkies. She posts her stuff on access coweta, or I could send you her e-mail if you'd like.
This is the only show I know of in Newnan, GA.

Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Assoc.
2/20/10 –
Coweta Co. Fairgrounds
Newnan, GA
Contact: Beth Smith, Show Secy.
[email protected]
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