South Jersey chicken ordinances?


11 Years
Jun 20, 2009
We moved up to CT a few years ago and are now moving back to South Jersey, probably Hammonton/Williamstown/Winslow area. We'll be going back with 3 hens and a small coop. Before we start looking for real estate, I want to make sure I'm in a town that's chicken friendly! Anyone have any experience in the area?

It also seems there are a lot of new developments in those towns and nearby-- I'm hoping they won't have some kind of ban through their community association. Is that a common practice?

Thanks so much!!!
Don't move to Tabernacle! I have a friend out there that's zoned agricultural. But, the only reason he's allowed to have horses is because he's had them for years. (He has 5 acres, if I remember correctly.) But, if he wanted to get chickens or goats, he can't.

Also, stay out of the Franklinville area. I have friends in that area that have told me they're trying to make it very difficult to have any type of farm animal unless you have crazy amounts of land. I don't recall now the amount of land, but I'm thinking it was like 5 acres for 1 goat!
Funny, I would have thought either of those places would be chicken friendly!!!! Thanks for the feedback. Seems like I'm going to have to be very careful... So frustrating!

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