South Pacific Tsunami


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Did anyone else hear about this? I just saw this this morning. My prayers are with everyone and their families that were affected in American Samoa and the south pacific.
there has been a couple in the last week
My thoughts and prayers go to those around the world affected by this.
I heard about it yesterday.

We were put on a Tsunami watch.

Since you can see the ocean from where I live.. Its about a 10-15 minute walk from my house.

But they only expected it to be 1-2 feet higher than normal tide here. It was supposed to arrive about 9:30pm. It wouldnt do much here, but if it was high tide already it might have gotten to a few places it shouldnt have. But most likely not.

The most warning they gave is they didnt want any one on the beach just in case. So the slightly bigger wave wouldnt get them. And to make sure that no boats were out fishing..

I sure hope that island is ok. Cant remember the name of it off the top of my head. I hear they got it pretty bad..
From the pics I saw it was pretty bad. The islands in that part of the world were formed by volcanoes and the center is rocky and steep so most of the people live close to the ocean and not far above sea level. There are very beautiful islands!

Steve in NC
Just awful! I was at work when it happened so I could not get updates until I was home. At least the people over there competing in the latest Survivor game were ok along with all the crew members too.

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Fortunately, my mother in law is here in NJ (unfortunately it's for breast cancer treatment), rather than at home.

She lives in Pago Pago, American Samoa. They're on higher ground, so there was no tsunami damage, and her husband and family there are okay.

Many villages were completely wiped out, though.

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