South Texas and baby chicks.


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Oct 14, 2012
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This morning I got my 25 baby chicks in "Australops". I've got them in a brood box with a Red light heat lamp, water food, and they seem to be doing fabulous! My question is that tonight it'll get around 48 degrees, they are out of the wind, but will that light sustain the heat that they need through the night? The brooding box is approx 4' long, 3' wide, and 3' tall. I stuck my hand under the light, and its really warm, and like I said there doing good.
I did line the whole bottom of the box with hay.
They'll be fine. IMO it's a lot more important to have area they can get away from the heat than too much heat. Sounds like your brooder is a good size, be sure to put the food and water at the opposite end from the heat in the "cool" area.

I had a broody hatch babies this fall, at a week old the babies were running around in 45 degree weather, not under momma hardly at all during the day.

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