Southern California- breeders closest to me?


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Aug 14, 2010
I live in Los Angeles and I want to get Ameraucana (real ones not EEs) and Welsummers- does anyone know of a breeder close enough for me to drive there? (2-3 hours) I checked the breeders lists but just wondering if anyone knows one (ideally someone breeding both) that might not be on the breeders lists. I want to either hatch them or pick up day old chicks but trying to avoid shipping.


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Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
Hi and
A good place to start is the Southern California and Northern California threads, as well as The San Diego thread. Also try
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Oct 7, 2010
bell gardens, ca
i got my std blue cochins from in lancaster... drove 200 miles that day to get them... LOL...

although, i dunno what kind of quality they really are... or if they just have easter eggers... i didn't ask them really... might just be hatchery quality... if anything get some eggs and incubate them... or buy a pair on an auction sight or something... i haven't seen any ameraucana breeders around these parts...

good luck and welcome to byc...


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Mar 1, 2011
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hello madam.
here are a few things that i have done in the past in order to procure my dream chickens:

1. if you cannot find a suitable breeder close enough via BYC i would first try craig's list and the recycler. don't simply look once and give up - keep checking back every few days.
2. failing that you might consider investing in an inexpensive incubator. you can purchase eggs and have them shipped from most anywhere in the U.S. hatching out your own chicks is a delightful experience (but you do have to have a plan for the roosters if you cannot keep them on your property).
3. and although it is an outside chance you might also check local shelters. i once pulled an Ameraucana out of an L.A. city shelter (back in the days when i was running an underground rooster railroad). another time i pulled a buttercup hen and although i wasn't looking for buttercups she became the best chicken friend i've ever had. keep an open mind because you just never know what chicken shaped gifts the universe will bestow upon you . . .

be persistent - don't give up on your chicken dreams - no matter how lofty.

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