Southern Classics Holiday JAM Gift Basket - 4 sample size jars


Yoga...The Chicken Pose
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Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or a Birthday, this gift basket is a sampling of our most popular southern classics. Included in the dark brown natural tone basket are four 4oz decorative jars. Final basket is stuffed with the shiny fill grass and it is shipped shrink wrapped.

Southern Fig - Sweet chunks of local organic NC figs, with a little sugar and nothing else to cover up their amazing fresh flavor!

Hot Pepper Jelly - Yep, a mix of hot pepper, chili powder, hot sauce and sweet peppers... this jelly has a kick, that is cooled down by the sugar. So yummy, and popular in the south with a bit of creamcheese on a ritz cracker... simple and wonderful.

Strawberry Preserves - Simple, sweet and from our own hobby farm. We grow year round berries. They may be small because of the close relation to wild strawberries, but they are packed with flavor!

Blueberry Jam - Locally grown Organic blueberries simply mixed with sugar so the blueberries shine!

Baskets are all sent priority Flat Rate mail due to size and weight to keep the price low.


I have several other baskets available prices ranging from $12-$50 Only until the holiday's end!

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