Southern Indiana Buff Orp roos, free to good home


12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
Two beautiful Buff Orpington roosters, 2 months old. Very friendly, they follow me around and eat out of my hand. They're going to be big lovely boys. I can't keep them- I have two roosters already, and not enough ladies for them all, so Truman and Eisenhower have got to go. I'll drive up to 50 miles to meet you. Absolutely free
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Oh, I wish I had them! Can they be shipped? How far are you from Paducah? Like my husband will pick them up, lol, he's going there in May, so mayyyyybbbbeeee..... Good luck!
Well, I went to mapquest and Paducah is toooo far (it's west KY above TN), it's a darn 3 hr drive, Yikes! But, I'm sure you'll find them a good home, take care and good luck!
I can meet you in Louisville somewhere, Love to have them.
I haver plenty of females to go round.LOL
I live in Southern Indiana.
pm me if they arent gone. Kelly

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