southern Indiana/Louisville Ky.


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Southern Indiana
Is there ever anything in this area?
How many would be interested in a Chickenstock or meet/trade/sale in the southern Indiana area?
Like Corydon, Or Greenville maby somewhere close to Louisville???
I thought it would be a good idea, but there isnt much response for it. heck, I would even be willing to have it here in Goergetown and sponsor it myself if there was enough interest.
Im game!

There has been some talking about doing something Labor Day weekend up in Milton KY (just on the other side of Madison)...I know, I know thats month's down the road, and nothing is in detail as of yet, but this would allow people to work out plans to make it up there. Reason behind it being in Milton is for they have their Swap/Flea Market event that weekend....Reasonable meeting place for folks in S. In., Louisville and Cincy area lots of poultry up there for sale and trade I hear.
Again though, I would be more than happy to meet up with some folks locally, for Im only about 20 mins from Georgetown.
I heard about the one in Milton, but that is so far away, something like a 4 hour drive. with gas prices and my rav4 .... But I would have loved to go there and check out the sales, Just wish it was closer! Thats why Im looking to have our own thing here. Maby we can get something put together.

ChickenCop.... I think I might know you!
Do you have some friends that work at Caesars?
I dont know, Its possible I am getting it confused with somewhere else. I stink at directions....
Is anyone going that I can ride with??
Ill meet you somewhere...
No, Seriously, I would love to go check it out. Maby split gas cost.
You may have been thinking of Russell Springs which I believe is near the TN border.

I plan on going to the one in Milton, but that is in September. We can go together, but I am sure we will manage to meet before that!

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