Southern Star Shavings from Tractor Supply...OK for hens?

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    I have 3 hens in my brooder right now and plan to put them out in their new coop this week. I raised them on pine shavings not cedar. I happened to have a bale of Southern Star Shavings from TSC, and the bag says BLENDED WOOD SHAVINGS. I decided against using this for the babies, but wondered if it is ok to use in the floor of their coop now. Their food source will be outside the coop, so they shouldn't be scratching and eating off the coop floor.

    They are 11 weeks old. I'm not sure what is in blended shavings. Anyone know? Thanks so much for the responses.
  2. A.T. Hagan

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    If they're dry and smell fresh and fragrant they'll be OK.
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    pine,it keep smell down really good. [​IMG]
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    I would use them unless the coop lacks adequate ventilation. You might buy a square bale of hay and mix the two.

    I use hay in wintertime when I need to add litter. Usually around mid January sometime. I only clean coop and change litter once a year for over 20 chooks and my coop never smells bad. I use the deep litter method, and right now, the litter is 100% grass clippings. Next month I will toss in a bale of hay for a topcoat. Annual cleanout and replacement of litter is after mowing season has started since I only use grass clippings.

    Ventilation and properly designed/sized poop boards are two things vital to coop cleanliness and smell.
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    I have used it since my chicks were 3 days old...... look at my page and see how big they are now!

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