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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by flyingdragon, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Nov 22, 2009
    I have 25 barred rocks (9 weeks old) that I am raising for meat. I may keep 3-5 hens for eggs. My question is why don't the feed producers label the content of their products clearly. Grain products and bakery by-products. What are these. I am new to chickens and thought raising my own would be healthier. I've been reading about the soy in animal feeds lingering in the meat and eggs. Is this true? How can you tell what's really in poultry feed? Doesn't soy act like a hormone?

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Soy is used to increase the protein in feed rations. The oil meals most commonly used for that purpose are soy, linseed, and cottonseed. Which one is used is determined by price and availability. The oil meals run about 44% protein if memory serves. Soy is an excellent feed.
  3. I have heard of soy not being good for us, it affects your thyroid among other things but I had not yet heard about it lingering in the meat and eggs, it never occured to me.
    Has there been a study done on it?
    I am thinking there probably is not much else you can use to get the protein into the feed if you want to avoid meat byproducts.
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    I have heard of soy in this capacity only as a THEORY. According to my doctor, (I have thyroid issues,) soy isn't a factor, at least not a medically proven one, and if that, not a major one. As for the labelling of animal feed, good luck getting a company to do anything beyond what the government requires of them!

  5. here's a perfect example of varying opinions: my doctor told me to avoid soy except as an occasional treat because my thyroid problems were going nutso. the real problem is that soy, GMO soy (that's the important part), is in EVERYTHING. anything you consume in huge amounts like that is going to do bad things to you eventually. now, if you can find heritage soy, the kind that was lauded as a gift from the heavens in China, then that's much better for you. everything in moderation though.

    there are TONS of ways to increase protein levels in food and get the good benefits of soy without actually using soy.

    flaxseed has the same protein % by weight as dry roasted soy (37%) and it has Omega-3 essential fatty acids, lignans, and fiber.

    brewer's yeast is higher in protein (39%) and is helpful in digestion.

    dried liver and dried earthworms have insane protein levels (76%).
  6. if you want clearer labeling, good organic feeds are usually the clearest. or you could just skip the whole labeling thing altogether and mix your own!
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    Quote:What problems were you having with your thyroid, if you don't mind me asking? Mine is just low- maybe that could be the difference??

  8. I know several people that have been told by their doctors to avoid soy because of their thyroids, I have not heard it regarded as just a THEORY.
    I have two family members with overactive thyroid and that is one of the first things they were told to avoid.
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    Quote:Maybe that's it- mine is low, so that may be why he wasn't concerned.

  10. mine is super low. but they think mine might be a combination of low thyroid productivity as well as low absorption, so i have a hard time getting medication to work. i've got the most unstable levels, even having been on medication for 15 years now. i was told that soy can have a big influence on the regulation of hormone levels and therefore i should avoid it.

    of course, everyone is different. and not all soy is created equal. apparently heritage soy isn't a problem, but it's next to impossible to find these days.

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