space needs of turkeys?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by muell112, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Feb 4, 2009
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    We are considering getting turkeys (this is our first year with chickens and they are awesome). We are considering building a second, separate coop where the turkeys and chickens would not interact. I am wondering if there are some good resources on how much space turkeys need (per bird) - specifically how big would you make a coop for say, 12 birds? I'm wondering about the actual structure they'd go in at night, as well as a fenced in area for them. Do they need/like to roost at night in a coop? I know they roost in trees in the wild. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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    May 25, 2009
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    I'm trying to find out the same thing myself. The sticky at the top has some pretty good info. Mine prefer a tree to roost in but, I'm getting a little worried about them being so exposed to the elements. Especially when we get cold wet weather.
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    Ours are 25' x 50' for 2-3 toms and 10 or so hens, this gives them plenty of space to move around and not be over crowded. A roost at least 6 foot up is preferred by most all of them, and if you can get them to use a coop, good luck, most prefer to be outside all the time, 100 or 20 below , they dont care.
    If you forced them in one, they'd have no choice I guess, but given the opportunity, they will avoid most indoor activities all together.
    You are dead on by not mixing, chickens and turkeys , they will get along just fine, but disease can become an issue , and usually it will be the turkeys or any gamebird, getting something cared in by the chickens (which often show no signs of a problem), so if at all possible do avoid mixing them..
    Good luck glad you are becoming an addict!

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