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    Apr 2, 2009
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    New coop addition going on next weekend! We have spent quite a while planning and collecting materials for low cost. Its been fun seeing how cheaply we can build. So far we have only spent $30 and are ready to build an 8x8 additon.
    This addition will be up off the ground a little to tie in with the old coop(on a concrete slab) Question is, is 10 inches enough room for the hens to get under the floor if they want to? We have plenty of other shade so it will not be necessary. Buff orps, Auacaunas, RHR's. Great resource for coop building tips on this site!
    Maybe a segment on BYC titled "Coops on the Cheap" most people can build really nice with lots of funds~ the fun is in the planning, collecting, etc. Everyone who donated to our cause gets eggs, of course. Pix to follow~ Thanks

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    here's mine and its about 10"...they are always under there, cooling off




    it doesnt bother them and they even run down in there, just bend there head alittle ...its not a place to stand around but for getting out of the elements...but they even walk in there and all, with no problems...hope this helps
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    Yes, if they really want to hens can get into a 10" space.

    The question is, can YOU, because I guarantee that someday you will need to (sanitation, floor repairs, retrieve object, retrieve sick or injured hen, etc) and how much do you want to be commando-crawling through chicken muck to do it?

    Also, a low space like that gives rats and predators a handy hidey-place from which to work on invasion plans.

    If you can give yourself more clearance, you won't regret it; otherwise, consider blocking off the central hardest-to-reach portion of the underneath.

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Mar 27, 2009
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    The addition of a door is helpful too so you don't have to access that space from inside the run.


    The Red Roost Inn web page.

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