5 Years
Oct 10, 2014
We have a 6x8x6 (at the peak) A-frame coop with 4 nesting boxes and attached run of the same size. How many layers can I comfortably house in that amount of space. I also intend to let them range freely often.


7 Years
Feb 28, 2013
NW Hills of CT
Welcome to BYC. If the entire A frame is enclosed with solid walls, you have 48 sq feet of floor space, and that will allow for 12 birds. If the floor space is smaller, then go with 4 sq per bird. You also need to factor in roosting space. Each bird needs 9-12 inches of roost, so that may limit you to less than 12 birds if you can't fit 10-12 feet of roosts inside the A frame. If you place the roosts parallel to one another, plan a minimum of 12" from walls and other roosts. I keep my roosts 12" from the walls and 18" from other roosts so the hens can't reach the one in front of them and pull feathers out. If the run is the same size, the recommended space for runs is 10 sq feet per bird, so you have enough rough space for 5 birds.

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