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  1. PeachLily

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    Jun 8, 2016
    Hi, I'm a new member, first time chicken owner with 13 lovely babies! It is addicting, I had no clue this would happen to me. Very excited to be on this new adventure, and could use a lot of advice. After lurking the boards and reading a lot, I still have questions on the optimal size for building roosting bars with their corresponding poop boards. We plan on putting in 2 step-staggered roosting bars and just want to know what the least amount of distance should be on extending the poop board out from the lower bar to try and catch most of the poop. Is 6 inches too little? The main concern is because I have 3 light brahmas in my flock, and I understand they get to be large - I cannot find anything that tells me how many inches LONG a brahma is when full-grown, and am trying to account for that. But I need to conserve on space, as well. Thanks!
  2. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Six inches should be plenty and even more so if they are staggered ladder style by height, as most birds will make for the highest bar and the lower one may not be used anyway. Allow about 8 to 10 inches per bird of linear roost bar. If you don't have that much room, and want them to use it all, consider placing all the roost bars at the same level.

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