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    Aug 27, 2009
    when is or what is...too much??

    I have a Delware with a very damaged beak...we had a run in with a coon almot 4 weeks ago. Besides the busted beak shes good....

    She was eating here in there but it seems like less n, for the time being here is what I have been doing...

    I take cooked spaghetti noodles (long ones) or Linguini noodles and I rub them in a bowl of the chicken mash that has been watered down to a cream o wheat type mixture....I then hold noodles above chicks head and she eats them down one after the other....So, she is getting some of her mash/feed on the noodles which I imagine is helping her get the nutrients n stuff she needs....

    But, my question much pasta can a chick chick eat if a chick chick could eat......Spaghetti???? Shes been getting plenty!

    Is there ever too much pasta for a chick? She is about a year or so old now....

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    If it's what she can eat with the damaged beak then I would be offering her at least a 1/3 c. of it mixed with her regular feed, at least twice a day.
    I have a hen that has trouble keeping weight on. I offer her macaroni and cheese (something she loves and won't just pick at) twice a day. I let her eat her fill. Not the best nutrients in the world for her, but at least she'll eat it.
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    If I had it I would go for whole wheat pasta.

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