Sparta, Michigan!! looking for day old Chicks

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  1. I live in Sparta, Michigan. and I ordered 2 buff. and 2 easter eggers, well I got the buffs. after waiting a whole month, I know it doesn't seem like that long but for me and being a newbie to raising chickens it was a long time... but any way the 2 easter eggers went on back order, and i most likely won't be getting them that is what sparta elevator said so I was wondering if their is anyone that is out there that has day old chickens and that i would take them. any kind is good but would like easter eggers more, and definetly has to be a good winter layer! But has to be a Girl!! Can't have a rooster right now!

    Thank you hope to hear from you all!

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    Jun 24, 2008
    Sparta MI
    I am not going to be of much help, but I also ordered from Sparta Elevator. I got mine yesterday. I also am a first timer. So I get what you mean, it felt like forever, but was only a month. I also did not get my Araucanas. I was told that I would be secound in line if any came in. So I do hope that they do come soon. Good Luck![​IMG]

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