Spastic 4 week old cockerel nutcase

JesKa Farms

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Jul 26, 2019
Lincolnton, NC
I could use some help with this one.

I have had this batch of chicks since 4 days old (2 Australorp pullets, 1 blue Buff pullet and 1 blue Buff cockerel), they are 4 weeks now. Since we got them the cockerel has been super spastic and stressed out. When I have them out of the brooder he chills out a little bit, but for the most part he is running around like he’s about to be attacked whenever we are in the room... hopping over and diving under the others, kicking up bedding and knocking over the food and water. He’s also a bully... pecks the others, flaps at them and all around seems to stress them out. I have thus named him Chaos... because that’s literally what he causes. Lol
The others have all warmed to me and happily take food from me, allow me to pick them up and move them around when I clean out the brooder and otherwise. Should I just wait it out and hope it gets better? Any advice on this crazy male is appreciated.
Is it possible to take a video of this behavior in the context of your normal interaction with these chicks in the brooder? So many factors could be in play that actually observing the behavior would help us sort through the nuances.

Is this chick's breed "BLue Buff Orpington"? What is the general breed temperament supposed to be like?

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