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    Mar 11, 2010
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    As some of you heard, Kyeema, my female emu, has spayed legs. I was doing some reading on it... and its not looking good for my baby. She stopped growing. Burnu, our male, is much bigger now. She cant get in the shelter to the food that well, so we have been tossing food to her on the ground. She slips and hits her leg on the fence often, she also trips me and Burnu alot. Her leg is just compleatly twisted around, and she hardly stands up any more. I need to do something. How would you kill an emu anyway? She has been a pet, but.. this is a farm. I would rather not pay a vet to do it, I could not get her there, or pay more than I already have for her. Im open to suggestons. She eat normal emu food her whole life, im not sure why she got spayed legs to start. [​IMG]
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    So sorry about your emu, I thought about you yesterday when i was at my vet and we were discussing my swans leg. He deals a lot with some emu breeders. He said he seems leg deformities from time to time and they are thinking now it has a lot to do with incubating temperatures being off. As for putting one down, I would assume using a gun would be quickest.
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