Special *BIN* 12 Coronation Light Sussex - Hatching Eggs

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    *Buy It Now* - Shipping Included - 12 Coronation & Light Sussex hatching eggs.

    I have three Coronation and three Light Sussex girls covered by, Winston, my gorgeous Light Sussex boy. My birds free range all day, every day. Their egg yolks are a lovely dark orange color.
    I've culled heavily over the years, and only kept the best of the best.

    Need to clear some eggs off my counters, so this is a special deal.

    I ship Priority Mail (2-4 day shipping) I package as best as I can but CANNOT guarantee your hatch rate nor how the P.O. will handle them once they leave my hands. However, I have had good luck shipping in the past.

    PayPal ONLY: [email protected]

    Any questions? PM, Email, or comment here.

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