Special Chick needs new home in VA

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  1. Acre of Blessings

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Axton, VA
    I have a 2week old White Leghorn that needs a new home. The others tchicks that I have have pecked all her tail feathers out. I have tried tried the Blu-kote but they still peck at her tail. I cannot keep her because of this. She is a healthy chick, she just has a blue but. I will sell her for $3 to someone willing to take care of her. She needs someone that is just going to have a few chicks. PM me if interested. Serious Inquires ONLY. Thank you.

    I will also be willing to trade for a RIR around the same age
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  2. lisabug

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    Feb 18, 2008
    Portersville, PA
    If you can't find her a place I will take her. We have a couple other "quirky" chickens with "issues"...(they aren't sick just have wierd things one has a turning head syndrome).

    We live near Danville...BUT my husband won't let me pay for her....he said "I am not driving to pay for a chick". We have a bunch of chickens of all ages....some are 4 weeks old she might blend with and bigger ones as well...if not I have a new set coming as well....

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