Special perils (snakes, spiders, construction nails and barbs, evil neighbors rat poison) Silkies

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    Greetings from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Life for me and the chickens is a little more wild here. I do not have a vet experienced in chickens etc.... or too many supply stores. Nevertheless I have transitioned from the egg layers to Silkies! (MAN they can hold their own against the larger ones! anyhow

    I helplessly watched one die of starvation. She was only a year old alert and friendly to the end. Her butt was dirty. I tried feeding her scrambled eggs, but not interested, She tasted a little chick feed, but by the time that I noticed that she was falling asleep during feeding it was too late. Her breastbone looked like the front of a hatchet. [​IMG]

    This is a jungle. There are spiders, snakes, toxic plants, Geckos or lizards that have reverse claws so they get stuck in the throats of dogs, etc, random bits of wire, nails and barbs,... and a mean neighbor with access to rat poison. I guess any help you can give me ...what to look for and how to try to save. ??? Thanks. I tried searching and it looks like a lot of it was that the chicks did not get their turn at feeding that is not the case here...

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