Specific ideas for feeding ducks in winter/ food items

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by buzzyfuzzy, Jun 13, 2019.

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    May 30, 2019
    Hi everyone. I have eight ducks that will be experiencing their first winter in the upper mid-west (Michigan). Can anyone give me some specific suggestions as to what to feed them. I was going to start them on a higher protein game bird mix once the weather gets below freezing. Will they eat whole kernel corn/ cracked corn? I'd especially would like suggestions from folks that live in very cold areas of the country.
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    Ducks don't really need especial care taken of them during the winter. They've got an inch-thick down coat and way more feathers than a chicken has. They are more vulnerable to predators during the winter, both because the foxes have little else to hunt, and also because they can't just slip into the pond. I don't know your setup, but after about mid-October, I start herding mine inside every night.

    I feed high protein meatbird feed mixed with uncracked corn (I've always assumed that cracked corn loses nutrients faster) for a total of 15.5% protein and 4.1% fat during the winter. I haven't noticed problems, and my eggs have good hatch rates (which is the standard by which I measure most feeds.) I do supplement niacin because neither feed is high in it.

    You can also feed allflock. Just make sure it matches the minimums provided here:

    My temps reached a low of -17℉ without windchill this past winter.
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    Nice to see someone planning ahead! You and the ducks will be fine with all the good help available here!
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    May 30, 2019
    Thank you for the info.
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    They don't need a feed change in winter. A higher protein feed will cause them to get fat and will then put too much strain on their legs. Ducks don't move around as much in cold weather. I provide greens like Romain Lettuce and Alfalfa pellets a couple times a week.
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  7. Hello from Lower Michigan!
    Mine have the same feed all year round. I am at 20 % protein in my feed. Here is the type of feed i use and my 5 Pekin ducks love it. My vet approves of it too. Once daily i give a bowl of fresh greens/fruits/or scrambled eggs. I use heated water bowls in the pen for nightly lock up along with feed and one small handful of cracked corn. the corn is kinda like our version of potatoes chips, all things are good in moderation :) This past winter was the 1st time i had mice but we quickly got that taken of with traps. My ducks love the winter and will take baths in 0 degree weather. Your ducks will be jsut fine! :) [​IMG]
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