Speckled Egg Breeds

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    Jun 28, 2015
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    I have two pullets that could be laying now. One of them has started laying but not sure which one. One is a German Bielefelder and the other, I think is a Lavender Orp (as a chick the breeder claimed it was a blue maran; WRONG, WRONG, WRONG). Anyway, one of these pullets just started laying and I suspect its the Bielefelder. The eggs are large, medium brown with some speckling. Based on what I have read, neither of these breeds are supposed to lay speckled eggs. Are Welsummers foundation stock for the Bielefelder breed, and could this one could be a Welsummer throw back causing it to lay speckled eggs??? Does anyone have any information or insights into this? Thanks.
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    Dec 12, 2014
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    Like peoples skins all egg layers will lay different eggs, Out of my Barnevelder hens one lays a darker solid egg and the other lays a lighter spotted egg!! And our cochins all lay different eggs, one of them being very spotted! I'd say it could be because of some foundation genetics just as likely though it could be that she just lays spotted eggs <3 I could be wrong but this is what I have noticed with our backyard flock :)

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