Speckled Sussex 11 weeks


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Jun 14, 2018
Northwest Washington State
Yet another impatient chicken mom here. What do you all think? Hen or Roo? Purchased as a pullet. The comb is actually rather pale pink unless the sunlight hits just right. She is broad across the back; bottom of the totem pole with 5 other chickens. Definately was less social as a little one, and constantly on the move. Very difficult to hang on to when finally picking her up. Thanks ahead for your opinions!View attachment 1566622 View attachment 1566623 View attachment 1566625 View attachment 1566626 View attachment 1566627 View attachment 1566628 View attachment 1566629 View attachment 1566630
At 11 weeks, I do believe you have a handsome cockerel on your hands. :)

Apologies for the dark picture, but this is one of my Speckled Sussex pullets at around 10 weeks for reference:

Cupcake says, "You won't know until I crow, lol". I say not funny girl! Considering I bought 5 bantams in April, and 4 were roosters, then getting 3 more "pullets' in August to salve my wounds (hence, my avatar, weep..) , I would only ask that with the efforts of so carefully weaning them into my super small flock that was left, I hate to see another one go! Gosh, one has to learn fast around these friends! Thanks for the replies guys! Keep them coming, and yes, I will post more later because I have seen where one person had one that looked like this that did end up a pullet/hen. I wasn't planning to raise more next April, but........

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