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    Mar 7, 2016

    Does anyone know of any Speckled Sussex chicken suppliers in Lincolnshire or the surrounding counties? I know they're rarer than their sisters the Light sussex but I wasn't prepared to have such a difficult time finding a breeder!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, looking forward to starting a new flock. [​IMG]

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    Hi :welcome

    I've just done a search and can't find any near to you :idunno I did find these ~ http://chartleychucks.co.uk/pure-breeds.htm
    There in Staffordshire :/ You might have to go down the hatching eggs route if your not wanting to travel to collect birds. As they are a rare breed over here there does not seem to be many about.

    Good luck, I hope you find the Sussex you would like :fl
  3. Thetwald

    Thetwald Hatching

    Mar 7, 2016

    Thanks! I think the hatching route will be the best way for me, which is a new experience altogether - one I must learn anyhow. So I'll give the learning centre on here a good read on incubating and hatching my own eggs, ones that I can buy from that site you have supplied.

    Thank you :).


    As an update to this post, I have gotten in touch with them and reserved 4 hens and a roo from them. I'm happy to go and pick them up myself.

    Here's to a future flock of Speckled Sussex chickens :)[​IMG]
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