Speckled Sussex/Easter Egger Rooster in Need of New home (North Texas - Arlington)


6 Years
May 22, 2015
North Texas
I let my broody silkie hatch a few eggs for me this spring. The father was a large beautiful Speckled Sussex Roo and the mother is an Easter Egger that I call Beauty. I hatched 2 girls and 1 boy. The boy that I am re-homing turned into a beautiful roo! His hatch date is 3/14 so he just turned 4 months and he is already crowing and fertilizing my eggs. Unfortunately I cannot keep him because I still have his mother on site and there is no way for me to keep him from also fertilizing her eggs as well. He is Highly Motivated to procreate so he would be an excellent bird for fertilizing eggs for hatching. Plus his mother is a blue egg layer and his father (if he laid eggs) would have layed a light pink egg. So who knows what color eggs his offspring will lay?

This roo is very protective over his hens and would be a wonderful addition to your flock if you are looking for a highly productive male to fertilize your eggs. He is used to a large coop (10x10) and a large free range area (10,000) sq ft. And 3 days a week all the chickens get access to all 2 acres of the property from about 5pm until dark. I originally moved him to the neighbors pen but he was not allowed to free range and kept in a coop with a pen that was only about 15x20 (coop and pen total). He stopped crowing and fertilizing eggs. He has grown up free range on grass/wooded area and that is what he will need to thrive. I will admit that after 1 yr of age his father started getting increasingly aggressive with anyone that entered the pen so he had to go to chicken heaven. I handle all of my birds so as of right now he is fairly calm and will come to your for treats. Once you get him picked up he loves to have the top of his head stroked.

If you have a spot for him please let me know. I prefer to deliver him so I can see that his living conditions will be sufficient. I can produce pics of the father and mother if needed. They both came from Ideal Hatchery and were hatched on 2/18/15.


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