Speckled Sussex keeps shaking her head?


Dec 3, 2015
Jacksonville, Florida
Hi everyone, my name is Gabriela And I worried about my mother's Speckled Sussex named Bella. My Mother takes very good care of her birds and shes very close to them. Bella and the rest of the flock are free range birds. recently Bella has been shaking her head frequently and biting at her feathers she is the only one in the flock doing this. About four days ago a tree fell in my backyard with Spanish moss on it the birds have gone near it and her symptoms began to start. I usually have a box of Diatomaceous earth in there coop but we ran out about a week ago.
Bella's Symptoms:
- Shaking of head
- Biting at feathers
- Not as perky as usual
- laying around more often but not puffy
- closing her eyes more often
- There is a grey lining between the pupil and the iris in one eye. The orange color no longer looks as orange.
She is still eating and would seem fine but I want to make sure there isn't something I'm missing. Is this just a sign of mites? (I have checked but don't see anything.) or is it the beginning stages of something more threatening?
P.S Bella hasn't started laying yet and December marks her 7 months old is there a possibility the weird behavior could be coming from her about to lay eggs?
Any information would be much appreciated.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Welcome to BYC. Could you post a picture of the eye? One type of Mareks disease can cause color or pupil changes in an eye. Was she vaccinated for Mareks? Concerning the biting and head shaking, I would look her skin over closely for any evidence of lice or mites, or their eggs. Permethein dust or spray are very good for lice and mites.

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