Speckled Sussex or blue laces red wyondette?

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    Nov 27, 2016
    Hey there! I was supposed to get a silver laced wyondette and a speckled Sussex, but I'm not sure exactly what the second chick really is. I definitely have a silver wyondette, but I'm not sure whether the second brown colored one is a. Sussex or blue laces red wyondette.
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    far to young to tell for sure
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    too young
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    Agree with the above, try posting pic at 4wks
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    That's not a Speckled Sussex chick. They are chipmunk chicks that look very closely like a chipmunk Welsummer, with dark head triangle, stripe down back, eyeliner.

    I can't tell whether it is a blue-laced, time will tell, but you can look at the comb to see if it is single or rose.

    A Wyandotte should have a rose comb. A rose comb looks like a little horseshoe indent on the face of the chick with the luck running down the beak.

    A single comb looks like a small picket fence going down the face to the beak.

    My guess is you may have a BLRW as down color indicates it could be possible, but to know for sure, you'll need to see adult feathering.

    But you definitely do not have a Speckled Sussex....and I'm trying to take into consideration some juvenile feathering that has started which might have hidden the original chipmunk pattern, so I'll link a photo to compare with early down.


    Here's a photo of a Speckled Sussex chick from Feathersite (scroll down to the Speckled variety chick)

    and link for BLRW
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