Speckled Sussex or something else????


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Aug 12, 2013
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I have 4 Speckled Sussex's all but 1 is developing her tail feathers. They are all about 4 weeks old and are totally healthy and very happy birds. Can anyone tell me is this normal or is this a different breed of bird? And I am very sure there is no bulling going on as all my chicks have been raised together since they were born. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
Did you mean "isn't developing her tail feathers"? If so, then I can explain why. The bird pictured is a Speckled Sussex cockerel, as shown by the big comb and thick legs. The fact that he has no real tail yet is another cockerel sign--cockerels almost always grow and feather in slower than pullets.
That's a rooster. roosters usually feather in slower and in speckled Sussex, the roosters have a different color pattern.
Are you sure???? I was so hoping that I wouldn't have to get rid of her/him. But if it is I have no choice as I can not have a roo in my neighborhood.
You can wait for a crow if you want, but I'm pretty confident. as he grows you'll see the different color, thicker legs, larger comb, things like that.

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