Speckled Sussex - Pullet or Cockerel?


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Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
The bird looks under-developed and like it might have some kind of health problem, to me anyway. That makes it a lot more difficult to sex. The comb and wattles are a little large for a pullet at that age, but they are pale like a pullet's would be. So I am not sure-- I think you're going to need to wait a couple of weeks longer, unless you get some more definite opinions from others.


Oct 27, 2019
NSW, Australia
I agree with JedJackson and the comb and wattles look pale like a pullets but to me the feathering looks a bit suspicious and his/her body position also looks weird. Is him/her okay? Eating? Drinking? Walking normally? I’m usually paranoid but that’s because sometimes if you miss or dismiss symptoms they might suffer from a bad illness. Chickens especially don’t try to show signs of weakness so when someone’s acting off in my flock I try to make sure I’ve done early treatment for things. Hope all is well though! 😊


May 30, 2020
Thanks both for your comments, I've been wondering the same re this chicken's stance and whether it's quite right. It's a bit hunched, but otherwise is eating and drinking.
I did lose a couple of young pullets around the same age as this one a month or so ago and had them PMd by the vet to see if something was wrong and both came back clear, so I don't know.....? :-(

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Apr 25, 2020
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I think pullet. I’m no expert but I’ve had a little experience that makes me willing to make a guess.

We started with three speckled Sussex chicks in our little flock, purchased as females but two turned out to be Roos. Within a few weeks there were differences obvious even to me, a complete novice. Long story short (which is hard for me when it comes to chickens) the one pullet, Miss Sparky, looked at that age significantly like yours, posture and all. And she does move a little differently, with more of a rolling gate than the pterodactyl stride you see in a lot of breeds.

I will add, she‘s turned out to be the friendliest and most personable bird in the flock; well, maybe behind the Creves.

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