Speckled Sussex Pure Bred Rooster

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    Dec 15, 2010
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    He's 6 mo old and really feeling his oats!. Cannot keep him due to city ordinance and close proxcitmity of neighbors. Please, I have to find him a home. He's so beautiful, brown, black, white and dark green irridescent feathers. I ordered all hens from mypetchicken.com and this was their mistake but I've had him since he was only 1 day old and really want him to find a good home. Someone here said he wanted him and I bought a good strong crate to ship him from California to Georgia but I haven't heard frm him. I can ship the bird to your destination; asking shipping costs only (to Georgia is was going to be about $65). I've uploaded pics of him and they're in my "upload" file I guess but still dont understand how to do this directly on this page
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