Speckled Sussex Roo Free, near Sacto, P'ville, Auburn CA

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    Out of my six sexed chicks I got two roos....

    I am giving up my beautiful speckled sussex "Serene". She...excuse me HE is a very calm gentle bird who never pecks at me. He likes to be pet and he has nerver shown any aggression.

    He was hatched April 11, 2010 so is currently about 11 weeks old. He was hand raised by me.

    He does not have a perfect comb. It is a bit ruffled in the middle, but other than that he looks like he'll turn out to be an awesome looking roo.

    I decided it would be easier to find a home for such a lovely roo rather than for my all while EE that has a clubbed foot and also turned out to be a roo. Also, my run is small and "Serene" will be a BIG boy!

    I love them both, but can't have two roos with four hens. I hope I can find a nice home for this special boy (it is still hard for me to call her a boy). BTW, yes he crows.

    I live up above Placerville, CA and will deliver within 3 hours drive.

    These pictures are at 10 weeks old:

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