Speckled Sussex Roo in Idaho


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
Boise, ID
Hello chicken world!

I have a 4 month old Speckled Sussex Rooster free to a good home. I bought 4 chicks (sexed pullets) at the feed store I work at this spring....and 2 out of 4 were roos!!! How about those odds! Speckled Sussex, Blue Andalusian, Cuckoo Maran and a White Leghorn and the Speckled and Blue were the roos....anyhow, I live in the city and can't keep him, I already re-homed the Blue....so hit me up here if you need a gorgeous and friendly rooster...or a Friday night dinner, although I'd prefer not to know that intent, lol. I'll try to put up a pic this weekend.

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