Speckled Sussex rooster


8 Years
Jan 1, 2012
Gallatin TN
I don't have a good picture to post, but I bought him as a chick. I am questioning his breed because he is not speckled and he has feathered feet. Is there a feathered foot variety of Sussex?
10 post and you can post pics
i dont think they are feather footed
With no speckling and feathered feet you don't have a Speckled Sussex. I do not know of any Sussex variety with feathered feet but there are Sussex varieties that are not speckled. I'd say the chances are you have either another breed or a mixed breed.
Sussex don't have feathered feet. You can post a link to an image on photobucket, or send it to me via e-mail and I will post it.
Well, I was not prepared to find out we have a mutt rooster today. We love him and think he is beautiful anyway. This does change my plans to get a Speckeled Sussex hen and hatch chicks. Hmmm plam B. I could contact who I bought him from, however, they are an hour away. Am I going to drive an hour for a replacement chick? He represents 1/5 of my flock.

Any other thoughts on a possible breed? Maybe a Brahama and Copper Maran mix??
Again, I doubt he's a mutt. He displays partridge color... very unlikely for a mutt.

Brahmas have pea combs, and don't come in that color in the US. BCM's don't have the brown on the wing and are typically a brighter hue in the hackle/saddle.
Looks very similar to a Black Copper Marans Roo. Hard to see in this pic, but they have black feathering on the outside of the legs.

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