Speckled Sussex young hen not laying?

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    May 29, 2015

    We have a just over 7 month old speckled sussex that we raised from a chick with 2 others (RIR and gold laced wyandotte). All 3 started laying very consistently back in August. A few weeks later, the SS seemed to go a little broody. This was easily fixed by taking her off the nest a few times a day for 2 days and making sure no eggs were left in the coop (we had another hen in the past who was MUCH more difficult to break of broodiness). I did notice during/after this period she was getting picked on by the RIR, but this has since stopped. We expected a slow return to egg production. We got at least 1 (maybe 2 or 3) egg from her following the brief bout of broodiness, and she seemed like she was back on track to continue laying, but then she quit laying and has not laid a single egg for weeks. The other 2 young hens we have are laying every single day and our older buff orpington is molting (so not laying). The SS does not seem to be molting and seems like she is healthy! We have looked for but haven't found any nests in the yard and the others lay in the coop. Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance!
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    Only idea that comes to mind is the reduced amount of daylight. Shorter days do have an effect. That seem to contradict your other hens laying steadily. Consider that the different breeds of chickens may behave differently. Your Sussex may be entering a molt this time of season and you just don't notice it. There are full heavy duty molts easier to notice and mini molts that are less noticeable. My 2 RIR are going thru a mini version right now and have not laid any eggs for over 3 weeks. The shorter days have also affected the others laying. Currently, I have to go to supermarket for eggs. LOL LOL... My flock is small and they are pets. I do enjoy the eggs when the lay. You can see them in my pix.

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