speckled sussex


11 Years
Oct 30, 2008
Lake Waccamaw, NC
Does the speckled sussex breed have the mottled gene (mo) or is the
color pattern the result of something else?

I'm asking because I'm looking for a good dual-purpose breed that
has the mottled gene. I have Anconas but they don't have much meat
on them plus they are a bit on the wild side!
The Speckled Sussex have the mottled gene to cause the speckling. It is a recessive gene so you will not see it in the first generation of crosses if you cross it with something else, although sometimes you can see it in the juvenile plumage.
Speckled Sussex have the mottled gene, however if you're looking for a truly good dual purpose breed I'd either A) go for the hatchery with the biggest possible birds or B) go for a show breeder. Hatchery birds aren't bred for dual purpose, so they won't be as big as you'd hope when you're processing them.

I'm working on a dual purpose bird with the mottling gene, but I won't have much to offer for another few to several months.
I don't keep daily tabs on everyone. My best guess would be to ask someone like Walt, or ask the Heritage Fowl thread, or the Wanted section. I don't keep tabs on Sussex breeders.
Well, there's the problem, there doesn't seem to be many, making it harder for other to find better quality birds; the reason some people don't have a choice but to turn to a hatchery...sadly.
Tony Albritton's birds are the best SS I've seen, though.

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