Speckled Sussexes (SS) & Welsummer/SS mixes

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    Another pre-dozen eggs + extras if permitted - I get about 2-7 eggs a day!

    I have 4 Wellsummers and 6-7 Speckled Sussexes (1 is a month younger, so may just be laying eggs now lol) to 2 Speckled Sussex roosters [​IMG]

    They came from a local breeder, a few came as extras from a guy I purchased BCM eggs from - others came from the Almish (I really don't know who came from where now that they are all grown up lol)

    $10 a dozen, $20 shipping - if it costs less, I'll send you money back!

    I prefer Money Order - will ship upon cashing (sorry, I'm sort of a paypal-tard), I can take paypal through my BF's though lol

    I ship bubbled wrap in carton and foam - can do it your way if you have your own certain way!
    Plan on shipping through bubble wrap box or other insulation type and then in shavings and then bubble wrapped eggs (will include extras if this way is done to test it out!!).

    Sorry for the windy chicken butts!! LOL




    LOL, the black spanish hen decided to just HOP right on top of everyone!!



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