Speckled Sussexes & Wellsummer/Speckled Sussexes

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    I have Purebred Speckled Sussexes and Wellsummers in with the Sussexes!
    The Wellsummers lay nice dark eggs and should produce neat mixes!

    These will include a mix, but most will be

    One dozen costs $12, 2 dozen costs $24
    If you purchase 1 dozen, you will receive 3 free eggs!
    If you purchase 2 dozen, you will receive 1/2 a dozen free eggs!

    If you want purebred Speckled Sussexes, the pricing will be $20 a dozen, $35 for 2 dozen! [​IMG]
    And you get 3 and/or 6 free eggs!

    Shipping is $15! [​IMG]





    Please note: Eggs are packaged very well! If someone decides to send a 75 pound item and it happens to smoosh the package of eggs, I will be capable of sending more eggs if you send pictures (for insurance purposes) and pay for shipping! [​IMG] I want to provide you with the best service also! PLEASE let me help you in any way! I'd be more than happy to help you on your first hatch!!! [​IMG]

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