Speckled Troublemakers Update--Painful lesson ***PIX***

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    This is the first year I have had Speckled Sussex hens. I have found them to be the worst troublemakers and always going the wrong way when the chickens are supposed to move. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to walk the dogs, I saw two Speckles on the fence. I took their picture and then scared them back into the chicken yard/garden. When I returned from my walk, there were two hens in the back yard. Fortunately, I had the dogs with me so that these fowl delinquents didn't get eaten.

    Of course they had NO idea how to get back over. They ran around like, well, like chickens while I tried to corner them. I ended up having to open the garden gate, which (you guessed it) resulted in half a dozen more hens coming into the back yard. After a short session which must have looked like a one-handed goat roping (glad the neighbors can't see my back yard), with me running around trying to herd them and them running in all directions, all hens were finally returned to the correct side of the fence.

    The dogs were in the house freaking out, and the rooster was NO help at all.

    The instigators of this whole mess were two SS hens, who seem to cause all the trouble around here. They won't go in at night until it's pitch dark, and then when I walk around to close the coop door from the inside, they run back out again, where they dance around taunting me.

    "We don't have to go to bed, hahahaha!" I can't reach them, so I just have to wait until they are ready to give up their game.

    I have 30 chickens with 8 different breeds, and I have found these to be the worst! (Apologies to you fans of Speckled Sussex)

    Here are the bad actors:





    Update: No, they're not dead. Yesterday, being concerned about the puppy sticking his nose under the fence toward the hens, and starting to dig there, I tightened up the electric wire, repaired two breaks, and turned it on. The puppy got zapped three times yesterday, and now has high respect for the area near the fence. This morning, sure enough, shortly after I let them out for the day, a speckled hen was in the yard. I put the puppy on leash to keep him from rushing at her, and walked up to her. She ran back and forth along where the gate is, but before I could get to her to open it, her leg touched the hot wire. She squawked, leaped, and flew effortlessly over the fence with at least a foot to spare.

    So now I know she can clear six feet and I don't need to bother opening the gate for her. The question is, will she learn, or will it take a few more shocks to realize that the back yard is an unfriendly place?

    Adding more height to the fence will be difficult and it would be an eyesore, but adding a hot wire along the top might work. I don't know whether a bird would be shocked though, because of not being grounded. What do you think? Would it hurt wild birds who landed on it?
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    Hahahaha lolol!! And I thought I was the only one that had a couple of knucklehead troublemakers! My two devils are Red Stars; always creating hate and discontent, running the opposite way, sneaking into places they dont belong, looking for trouble, being nosy, peck the tar out of you.....we love it, dont we? LOL
  3. [​IMG]

    I have a SS who used to be terrible!! She was a runt and very mean to other chickens and didn't do what I wanted but now she slowed down [​IMG] Maybe yours will to [​IMG]
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    But they are so pretty!
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    Apr 7, 2010
    If it's any condolence, they're BEAUTIFUL birds!
    Even if they are stupid. I know how it is...chickens can really choose whether they want to cooperate or not [​IMG]
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    They are very pretty. In my baby flock it's the easter eggers that are the troublemakers....followed closely by the speckled sussex. [​IMG]
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    But how can you stay mad at such beautiful little wonders! I have one in the brooder right now and she is just the sweetest thing. I will try to remember these moments if she gets ornery later.
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    Well, I don't know whether these two are long for this world. I put them back two more times, and while we were having dinner I looked out and there they were again. Fortunately, the puppy and the JRT were in the house with us, and my spaniel was out there alone. She noticed them about the same time I did and took off like a shot. I ran out there and called her, and she stopped and came back. The puppy wouldn't have stopped at all.

    The spaniel is the one who killed a hen several years ago, after it came into the back yard. If these numb-skulls keep doing this, one or both of them is going to get killed. The puppy jumps against the screen door, and it opens for him unless I have it locked.

    Oy! Chickens are such fun. Several people have asked about buying some of my pullets (I have too many), and the SS pullets (I have six of those) will be the first to go.

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    [​IMG] My Speckled Sussex is nothing like them! He is nowhere near mischevious [​IMG]
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    I think they're gorgeous!! That is too funny though. The trouble makers around here (so far) are the guineas. Oh, and a llama named Inca.



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